Monday, January 28, 2013

Photographer's Hot Apple Cider

   A hot drink would be a real treat to a photographer out in the cold – in the middle of the frozen shore of Port Union. The thought of “Hot Apple Cider” kept entering my mind as I shot a few more frames for my Winter Solitude Photo Journal. 
 Yesterday’s snowfall did a great job in transforming this south-end of Scarborough into Arctic-looking landscape. Walking farther west could have led me to more sensational winter shots. Most probably, but “A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider” grew increasingly persistent. Nagging me,  “Enough! Head home -- and get one!”

    N.J. (Nancy) Lindquist messaged me, five days earlier, through LinkedIn, that at Crux Books, her co-editor of the two best-selling books, Hot Apple Cider and A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider, Wendy Nelles and four other contributing authors will be there on January 26, 2013, at 2:00 pm, for book-signing and to read their heart-warming stories.

From left to right: Adele Simmons, Bonnie Beldan-Thomson,
Wendy Nelles, A.A. Adourian and Marguerite Cummings

    My wife, who works for Toronto Library, decided to come too. So, the trip by TTC to 5 Hoskin Avenue, became a date. We arrived early enough to be able to pick up a specially priced copy of A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider at Crux Bookstore. Then, we proceeded up to the short plight of steps leading to the Wycliffe College Library, where cookies and hot apple cider were being served to the guests. We were the first to arrive. And the first to the hot cider!


   We were greeted by a nice scholarly-looking lady. Her glowing smile was contagious. I thought, “We must be at the right place!”  Clutching the copy of the book, I asked, “Are you one of the authors?”

    “Yes!” was her excited reply.   


    “Which one are you?” I answered as I turned the book to the Authors’ Page. 

   “I am Marguerite Cummings,” She responded, again with that contagious glowing smile.

   The pleasant chat with Marguerite led to meeting the other four of the contributing authors, Bonnie Beldan-Thomson, Adele Simmons and A.A. Adourian. They were all happy to meet us, most specially after learning that we came all the way from the east-end of Toronto.


   Wendy Nelles did not need an introduction. I recognized her as soon as she walked in, but I did not know (not that it matters) that she would be that tall! She was towering over me when we shook hands. Meeting all these gifted writers has revitalized my writing spirit. Their achievements have inspired me to be like them someday -- a published author. 

   They are all good storytellers, but it was Adele who added a nice musical twist to her storytelling. She accompanied it with her star-quality performance. In between paragraphs, she strummed her guitar and sang songs that can challenge even the American Idol.


  Another nice thing that happened was the surprise bonus of meeting the real people portrayed in Wendy’s Soulmates. The Krains were there! Yes, Nancy and Don, in person. And if that was not enough, Nancy took the book and read the story.  




At the end of the day, not only did this photographer go home with signed copies of the two books, the experience stirred my heart, warmed my soul, stimulated my mind,  delighted my spirit, and most of all, I was fully inspired, to pursue my other passion – writing!   

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Marguerite Cummings said...

Thank you, Mario, for a great write-up - and such lovely photos. It was so good to meet you and your wife. I look forward to reading your stories! Marguerite Cummings, Contributor to A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider ( and member of The Word Guild (