Wednesday, January 9, 2013


   Someone asked me to enumerate six New Year’s resolutions for 2013. Why six? I asked. One is quite a feat already. Why complicate it needlessly by adding five more?
     I can only think of one. This year, my singular promise to myself is simple, but it sums up everything I need to do to attain multiple results. And that is, to surprise myself with the best of my abilities that I did not know exist. It sounds vague, but it is also diverse. This year, I am on a mission to re-discover myself and find that hidden gold within.
     An urgent need for change or improvement is what creates a resolution, but it also needs motivation to propel the action. As a photographer, I rely heavily on visuals. Beautiful images inspire me. I use photography to motivate me. To ignite myself into a fireball of determination, I allow myself to be infected with the positive energy from a compelling photograph.
     The ready-to-strike stance of the cat in the above photo is a good example. I find it quite engaging. Its assertive behaviour excites me. The whole picture connects to me.  I can feel what the cat feels. I can see what it sees. I can read its mind -- analysing the target and calculating the decisive action. This photo of the cat I photographed in Jerusalem, seven years ago has been my constant reminder to stay focused on whatever I set myself up to achieve.
      Last year was no exception. I accomplished all my realistic goals under the image of this cat. Can I do it again this year? Well, the first week of 2013 had just passed. I have the rest of the year to face the challenges ahead of me. The horizon looks promising. By emulating the cat’s winning edge, yes, the chance of making it happen is within my striking distance. 

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