Saturday, July 25, 2009

Camera That Fits Like A Glove

It is compact and light, smart and powerful, versatile and friendly. It is the SX10-IS, the right camera given at the right time to the right photographer.
It was in December last year when I opened the box containing the latest PowerShot made by Canon. Although it was meant to be a Christmas gift from my dear wife, I saw it more as a retirement present.

Four months earlier, I shot the last wedding in my 23-year career as a professional wedding photographer. The time has come for me to move towards a new direction. I am now retired from shooting weddings but photography has not retired from me. The passion is still burning and is very much alive. My shooting days are far from over. The truth is, with this well designed PowerShot SX10-IS, I am enjoying photography even more.
Unlike my other cameras which are bulky and heavy (not to mention the inconvenience of lugging the extra lenses) this underestimated compact point-and-shoot camera has made shooting photos like child’s play. So simple, yet it performs like magic. It does what I intend to use it for.
Thanks to Canon, I now have the perfect sidekick in doing the thing I love the most. I feel incomplete without it. I take it with me every day, anywhere I go, always ready to shoot the unexpected that pops up at the right place, at the right time.
Its compactness and lightness, coupled with a versatile lens are great for photojournalism and travelling as well as creative photography. Those award-winning quality shots of candid moments and rare photo opportunities that are often missed don’t seem to be as elusive anymore. PowerShot SX10-IS makes those shots so easy to nail, right on the button.
The SX10-IS may not replace the high end photographic equipment that professionals use but it certainly measures up to my high expectations from a point-and-shoot camera. The fixed zoom lens with the equivalent of 28mm to 560mm is precisely what I need to cover my everyday photography. From wide to narrow and down to macro, I get the shot I want every time. The variable angle flexibility of the crystal clear screen monitor proves to be practical and effective in capturing those difficult awkward perspectives. For a vertically challenged person like me, the agonizing overhead shot that caused me grief for years is now a thing of the past. I wish I had this camera three years ago when I was at the edge of the Grand Canyon, body idiotically extended outwards trying to shoot sideways through the SLR conventional viewfinder.
Photography is a visual art of creative expression. As an artist, I like to work on my composition freely, smoothly and without distractions. The auto setting of SX10-IS is so intuitive, it can almost read my mind. It makes the necessary adjustments that I would have done if I were to set them up manually. This feature is excellent in allowing me to concentrate on the subject rather than the technicality that I already know, making the swift capture of the artistically framed shot.
Ahhh..what else can I say? I just can’t get enough of this camera. I love it so much. It is my constant companion on my daily morning walks and my wife is beginning to get jealous. Can you blame her? Or can you blame me? No. Blame Canon.
Last month, my wife and I went to tour the Canadian East Coast in celebration of our 33rd Wedding Anniversary. It was also the first test of SX10-IS in shooting travel photography. What do you know? Not only did it pass with flying colours, the photos impressed the most critical of my friends and each of them is now seriously considering buying one. What a free advertisement for Canon! One even asked if I was getting paid to say nice things about the camera. That is a neat idea, but no. I am just simply pleased with its performance and too happy to share my honest opinion to whoever could benefit from it.
Two of the other things that keep me busy in my retirement are babysitting my one-year-old granddaughter twice a week and writing articles for my monthly column: The Third Eye where I merge words and photographs to effectively express my non-political views that promote positive self-awareness and community harmony. My most recent article is entitled Canadian Grown, specially written for Canada Day and it was supplemented with relevant journalistic photos that were shot with….Yup! You guessed it right. They were shot with Canon SX10-IS.
My love for photography is equally matched with my joy in videography. I have used the video capability of Canon SX10-IS to its fullest when the situation calls for motion and sound. My granddaughter who is now walking and starting to pronounce proper words is the perfect subject in producing a short compelling video. With this one simple camera, I have twice the fun, photo and video. I could have sworn, Canon was thinking of me when they designed this camera. It fits me like a glove.
All these talks and praises about the PowerShot SX10-IS don’t really mean much unless photos that were shot with it are shown. I know you would eventually give in to your curiosity and ask. Well, I have those bragging photos posted on Picassa. I cordially invite you to see them. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed shooting them.
Oh, and by the way, the photo above is the self-portrait of SX10-IS. Smart camera, eh?
Thank you for your time and just like me may you find the camera that is right for you.

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